Photo101-Day 4 : Bliss

Daffodil, Bletchley Park

Daffodil, Bletchley Park

Photo101 – Day 4 : Bliss

I took this photo on March 1 in Bletchley Park, near London.  Why does a single daffodil mean bliss to me?   I live in Montréal, Canada. We are used to cold and snowy weather, but this year, our area was hit with one of the worst winters on record!  We left a cold winter landscape in Montréal to land in London where the grass was green, crocuses were out….and the sight my first daffodil!  All I could think of is : hope is around the corner, in a few weeks (ok, months), it will bloom in my garden, winter is coming to an end! When we came back home, well, it was still winter, we still a few feet of snow on the ground….no sign of Spring!





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