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August 2015 – Even if it is hidden on Mayor street, behind St. James United Church, and construction next door hides its front door, those in the know know just where to find Café Parvis!

I went there for lunch with 2 friends. The menu is simple (and prices very reasonable) : soups, salads and pizzas. It changes depending on the season and what the chef found at the market that morning!

Since you will want to taste everything once you see the food on the table, my recommendation is to go with friends and order all different dishes….and share!! The Roman pizzas (thicker crust) are served by the slice on a wooden plank to ease the sharing!  And we’re not talking about traditional pizzas: among others, smoked salmon and duck confit were on the menu when we went! And how about deserts : the homemade pecan pie we shared was superb!

The café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a very nice terrasse in the Summer.  Café Parvis offers one of the best quality/price and ambiance in downtown Montréal!

Café Parvis

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