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July 2015 – When you think about Hong Kong, what usually comes to mind is a crowded city, the skyscrapers, luxury shopping. My favorite things in Hong Kong are a little different!

Cruise Victoria Harbour on a Star Ferry : by far, my favorite public transport in the world! Get on the upper deck, enjoy the breeze, the breathtaking views of Hong Kong, Kowloon and all the boats in Victoria Harbour! All that for 2,50 HK$ (less than 0.50 CAD)!

Tour Hong Kong on a Ding Ding! These double-decker tramways are the best way to tour the most popular neighborhoods of Hong Kong: try to get the front seats on the upper-deck and enjoy the ride! Fun for about 2,50 HK$!

Discover a corner of paradise among the skyscrapers! Enclosed in a suspended stainless steel mesh, the Edward Youde Aviary in Hong Kong Park is an oasis where you will find yourself surrounded by more than 80 species of birds in a tropical rain forest. The raised walkway lets you watch birds (sometimes very close), admire the trees, plants and flowers.  The visit of this calming oasis is free!

Climb up to The Peak! Forget the Peak Tram and its long lineups! Take out your walking shoes, grab your water bottle and a good dose of determination and you will be rewarded! Start by taking the mid-level escalators all the way to the very top, then follow the signs to The Peak. You will slowly leave civilization behind and as you go up, find yourelf surrounded by the cooling shade of the forest and then, the light will start to become brighter, the forest less dense and then : the view between the trees of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour and Kowloon!  If this is not reward enough, when you reach the top, stop by Haagen Dazs!  The climb is free (but not the Haagen Dazs).

Pour plusieurs, Hong Kong rime avec ville surpeuplée, gratte-ciels et boutiques de luxe.  Mon Hong Kong est un peu différent : croisière en Star Ferry pour admirer Victoria Harbour, promenade assise au 2e étage d’un Ding Ding, l’oasis de la volière de Hong Kong Park et monter à pied jusqu’au Peak pour admirer la vue…et déguster une crème glacée bien méritée!