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May 2015 – Some of my best travel memories are associated with books that made me discover a different side of a destination, live different experiences.  Here are some of them :

  • La Parisienne (Inès de la Fressange) : discover Paris with a true Parisienne! Neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, all with a lot of charm and humour!
  • The Art of Travel (Alain de Botton) : to be read while travelling! Every traveller will recognize themselves at some point in this book!
  • A Year in Provence (Peter Mayle) : every Peter Mayle’s book makes you want to go to the South of France, visit every market… and makes you hungry!
  • Berlin Trilogy (Philip Kerr): I dare you not to want to go to Berlin after reading this great series!
  • Seasons of Rome (Paul Hofmann): discovering Rome one season at a time! I discovered the secrets of October in Rome thanks to this book!
  • Mary Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser): a must if you’re going to Edimburgh! I had the “chills up my spine” while visiting Hollyrood Palace!!
  • Alice Waters and Chez Panisse (Thomas McNamee): the turbulent life of the woman who started the whole cooking with local & seasonal ingredients and working with local producers! Here’s the link to make reservations after reading the book :Chez Panisse!

I could go on and on! What about you? What are the books that make you travel?

Plusieurs de mes meilleurs souvenirs de voyages sont associés à des livres qui m’ont fait découvrir une destination autrement, de vivre des expériences différentes. En voici quelques uns : Ines de la Fressange (Paris), Alain de Botton (voyage), Philip Kerr (Berlin), Paul Hofmann (Rome), Antonia Fraser (Édimbourg), Thomas McNamee (Berkeley).

Et vous? Quels sont les livres qui vous font voyager?